Incident Management

Organizational, technological and even physical incidents can result in serious losses for a company, such as the total or partial interruption of the operations and/or losses in terms of revenue, competitiveness and image.

Therefore, in addition to preventing incidents, it is also becoming more important to be ready to manage any incidents that may take place by design an Incident Management system capable of properly handle every kind of episode, from the least to the most severe, thus limiting the immediate impacts of the event and optimizing the use of the various resources available.

Amongst our various services, we therefore offer the creation of an incident management system based upon the principles expressed in the most well-known international standards.

In this way, the Incident Management system proposed defines the technical and organizational procedures to be adopted for the detection and management of such events.


With our wide experience in the implementation of various management systems, we provide to our clients a custom incident management system. Indeed we offer an approach that is capable of:

  • defining the events and incidents that may have an economic/financial impact and may affect the company’s operations;
  • defining the incidents’ levels of criticality for the company;
  • defining the organizational structure responsible for the management of the incidents;
  • efficiently and effectively managing any incidents that may have an impact on the information system;
  • ensuring the operational continuity of the company’s information system;
  • defining preventive and improvement measures for the system itself;
  • creating a log of the incidents that have occurred to have a sample upon which to calculate the probability of the threats that caused the incidents, in preparation for the risk analysis of the information systems.