Compliance and Governance

Compliance with legal provisions and international standards concerns various matters: finance, accounting, quality, information security systems , occupational safety, and operational continuity. It represents a significant proportion of company governance.

This means that it is not a merely incidental aspect of company organisation; rather, it is integral part to it; therefore, it must be a tool to rely on to obtain effective and efficient company processes.

Corporate Governance as an "engine" of companies because it identifies:

  • the processes by which the companies are managed and controlled;
  • the activities with which companies are encouraged to follow codes, it means the line of corporate governance.

Corporate governance embraces a series of rules, relationships, processes and business systems, through which the fiduciary authority is exercised and controlled. The rules include the laws of the country in which the company operates and internal corporate rules. Relationships include those between all parties involved in the company, such as owners, managers, directors, regulatory authorities, as well as employees and all the company.