Management system integration

We offer a new management model, by integrating the management with systems and models of different approaches.

We are capable of integrating different Management Systems, thus providing a unique management model and creating efficiency through a single tool, approach and method. The result is integration in terms of the implementation of the systems themselves, as well as their management.

We assist companies in simultaneously adopting various management models, and adapting their existing ones to the new legislative or regulatory requirements.

We are capable of integrating the management of systems such as: ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO 27701, Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, GDPR.

New regulatory systems or new legislative requirements often require companies to develop processes dedicated to their introduction and maintenance. These processes are sometimes alien to the business reality, to the point that they require the creation of dedicated areas, responsibilities and new roles, thus contributing to the multiplication of internal bodies and dedicated functions, and therefore to the managerial and organizational complexity of the company itself.

GETSOLUTION's team offers a model based on the integrated management of these systems, and not on the simple integration of the systems themselves.

Our goal is to allow the company to incorporate the main activities for fulfilling the various obligations in a simple and streamlined manner, thus providing for:

  • Unified and simplified management
  • Global planning of system activities
  • The cancellation of replicated or zero added value activities
  • A unified company outlook in terms of performance, compliance and business objectives from the standpoint of Governance.
  • The clear definition of contacts and responsibilities
  • A unified management system under constant control
  • Predisposition for the efficient management of the new regulations and legal requirements.